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Self-hypnosis Techniques for Confidence and Self-esteem

How self-hypnosis can help to build confidence and self-esteem?

Even learning very basic self-hypnosis and relaxation improves confidence, because when you are relaxed you sleep better, you become physically stronger, you start looking better and you are capable of better performance, so you feel better about yourself and you are more confident. I will also teach you specific techniques for improving your self-image; you will see yourself differently, in a better light, you will become aware of your positive aspects like skills, gifts, even looks. This change can be significant.


I will teach you the awareness-raising techniques. You will realise that other people are not really critical or judging – it is you who keeps judging yourself. You will understand that even when other people say something or do something it is mostly about themselves, not about you. You will learn to look at yourself in a different light, not through the eyes of people who seem better than you. I will also teach you the techniques to be more confident and more relaxed in particular situations.


Self-hypnosis is the best coaching tool for specific difficult situations. You will be able to practise the new behaviour to perfection in the hypnotic state. It is like being in the situation many times, so when the difficult situation presents itself for the first time, you are already familiar with it and you respond with ease. You may practise dealing with difficult clients, you can work out how to talk to your boss or train for the job interview. The techniques that you will learn can be applied in many situations.

The specialized Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop for Confidence

The advanced self-hypnosis techniques for building confidence and strong self-esteem can be taught in private sessions, but the most effective way is to attend one of my Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshops dedicated to improving confidence and public performance skills. During the workshop, students not only learn the techniques but they apply them in the group situation, so it combines learning with real life practise. It is also a fun and very relaxing experience as you will spend most of the time in hypnosis.


Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking is sometimes enough to radically improve confidence. The effect is immediate and long-lasting, as students keep improving by practising self-hypnosis after the workshop. However, I would recommend private sessions to deal with other issues like depression or anxiety if they are present. The reasons for low self-esteem are sometimes deeply rooted in the past and these need to be cleared in the private sessions.

When will you also need private hypnotherapy sessions

Sometimes low confidence is caused by even more difficult events from the past, by past trauma, by violence or abuse, which is difficult to solve in the self mode. Sometimes the constant critique from childhood is too overwhelming to face, sometimes some tragic events from your parent's past made them incapable of showing you the love needed for the natural development of a secure personality. When you feel very insecure, not good enough, if the fear of facing people is overwhelming or you are totally obsessed with your look or other faults, self-hypnosis is not enough, it is better to solve these issues in private hypnotherapy sessions. I will be happy to provide you with all the help and support you need to release the old trauma, if any, and to learn how to accept and love yourself.

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