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Express Self-hypnosis Workshop for Beginners. 

Sydney Express Beginners Self-Hypnosis Course – large workshop’s logo
Investment only $85 ($70 with early bird discount)
Steps to Enrol:
  1. Choose the workshop date from the Workshops Calendar page

  2. Fill in the Enrolment Form

  3. Wait for confirmation of availability

  4. Make the payment to secure the place



Express Self-hypnosis Workshop is like a Big Bang introduction to the new world of TOTAL RELAXATION combined with the energizing awareness of all possibilities of using the full power of your own mind. You will master a unique and powerful self-hypnosis technique, easy to practice and enjoy on your own. It can be taught only through the immediate experience from an experienced hypnotherapist.


Real active self-hypnosis is very empowering. It is when you access your unconscious resources by yourself and use them to achieve your goals. So called "self-hypnosis" CDs or downloads are not real self-hypnosis, it is rather a guided meditation, you just relax and let somebody's voice lead you and give you suggestions. It is pleasant and it may help you, but it cannot be comparable to real active self-hypnosis.


The best way to learn self-hypnosis is from within the hypnotic state. In this workshop you will learn how to enter a hypnotic trance all by yourself by saying just one word and how to use this alerted state of consciousness to relax and focus your mind to achieve your goals.


The hypnotic state itself is a state of deep concentration and focus, exactly what is needed for achieving your goals. Hypnosis is also a perfect tool to achieve the full body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other techniques. You will learn how to do it all by yourself in this single class. You will be always able to relax and greatly reduce the stress level. With the quiet, rested mind you will be naturally free to be who you want to be. It would take countless hours of practise to achieve this state by learning meditation.


Class size is kept very small, with the maximum of ten students. The workshop is practical and fun. At the end of the class students feel relaxed and calm in an exciting, stimulating way. This short workshop is a sufficient entry level for all my advanced workshops.


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