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The Fees and Payments Methods.

The first 30 minutes consutation


30 minutes consultation


1 hour hypnotherapy session


1.5 hour hypnotherapy session


2 hours hypnotherapy session


Express Beginners Self-hypnosis Workshop

$85 (early bird $70)

Full day self-hypnosis workshop (beginners or advanced)

$300 (early bird $250)

Advanced self-hypnosis evening course

$300 (early bird $250)

Three sessions private tutoring package


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All the above prices include GST.

The payment for each private session is required at the end of the session.

The payment methods are cash, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa or Master).


The payment for the workshop needs to be done in advance before the commencement of the workshop.

The workshops can be purchased online from the Workshop Payments page by PayPal or on request by direct debit. There are also Gift Vouchers available from our main website for private sessions and workshops.


Teaching self hypnosis is a hypnotherapy service. Some health insurance providers cover hypnotherapy, at the moment there are over 25 of them. Please check with your health insurance provider. The hypnotherapy is becoming accepted by the medical professionals, so more health providers are prepared to extend their cover.

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