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What is in the First Free Consultation and How the Sessions Are Structured?

What is in the first free consultation

The first free consultation is the time when you can discuss your issues and goals with the hypnotherapist, ask the questions you need to ask about the hypnotherapy process, about the hypnosis, how many session you can expect. At the end of the consultation you may choose to have a short hypnotic experience, just to try how it feels. The duration of the first consultation is usually about half an hour.


It is beneficial to book the free consultation and the first one-hour session together, in one block. This way most of the counselling will be done during the first 30 minutes, so more time during the first session will be spent on hypnotherapy.


The initial consultation is completely obligation free. You do not need to book for the next session if for whatever reason you decide that hypnotherapy is not for you. Even if you booked the free consultation and the first session together, there are no obligations for you to stay.


How the sessions are structured

Most of the sessions take one hour, which includes about 50 minutes of time spent with the client and about 10 minutes for the hypnotherapist to write notes and prepare records for the next session.


Each session consists of the counselling part, which takes most of the first session and between 10 to 20 minutes of subsequent sessions. The counselling part is very important. This is when the therapy is tailored for the client needs. The hypnotherapist must gather all the necessary information from the client. It is also the time when the client is helped to specify exactly what the goals are and how they are to be reached.


The counselling is followed by a hypnotic session, when the therapy is performed. The first hypnotic session is usually shorter, because the counselling part would be longer.


Sometimes the client needs only a shorter, 30 minutes "boost" session, but they are only used as a part of a longer hypnotherapy process.


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