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Instant Self-hypnosis Technique - Rapid Self Hypnosis Induction

Instant self-hypnosis is when you enter the hypnotic state instantly. You just say a word or use some other trigger (touching two fingers, a deep breath) with the intention of going into hypnosis and it takes you instantly into the hypnotic trance. Theoretically, it is possible to acquire this skill after much practice when using self-help books or audios, or after practicing meditation for a long time. However, it does not happen often; it is difficult to reach the alerted state of mind by yourself when you know only from the description, especially as it is something impossible to analyse and describe.


The best way to learn self-hypnosis is from the experience, when you are in hypnotic state and all the resources of your subconscious mind are available to you. When you are in this alerted state of mind and you are guided by the experienced hypnotherapist and self-hypnosis teacher, you can easily learn how to do it yourself.


The instant self-hypnosis technique can be taught in one hypnotic session to most students, even if they have never had any experience with hypnosis. The student is first introduced to hypnosis, where the student enters the light hypnotic state to learn how it feels. Then hypnosis is induced again and the student enters the deep hypnotic state. When required, I repeat this process a few times and students may learn to deepen the hypnotic state by themselves, or some other skills. Then, in a very deep hypnotic state I teach the basic self-hypnosis routine and I implement the trigger for entering the hypnotic state. It is usually a word, but it can also be touching a finger. Then the student wakes up from hypnosis and practices the skills. Students enter a hypnotic state by using a trigger a few times in a special process, embedded with my post hypnotic suggestions, so the skills become stronger.


The student is usually asked to practice a few times a day for a week. Fluency in the instant self-hypnosis technique is the entry level for all advanced self-hypnosis classes and workshops I teach.    


The individual sessions to learn self hypnosis are specifically tailored to the student's needs, so they are more personalized and many clients enjoy the privacy and the undivided attention of the therapist, so they can freely address and resolve their specific, unique issues.

I also teach the instant self-hypnosis technique in all beginner level workshops. The self-hypnosis classes and workshops are very small, so I can pay attention to each student and add some individual touches if required.

The most cost effective way to learn the instant self hypnosis technique is from the Express Beginners Self-hypnosis Workshop, an intense evening class when you both relax and learn a lot.


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