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  Self-hypnosis for pain management

Hypnosis is a very effective tool for pain control. Hypnosis was originally used by doctors as anaesthetic, even for performing major surgeries. It was the only option available before the invention of modern pain-relieving medications.


Nowadays it is easy to take a pill, and it may help even with strong pain, but not without side effects. Strong pain and chronic conditions require strong medication; the side effects may be quite serious and the medication becomes less effective with time. Medicine is still helpless in many situations – the chronic pain becomes unbearable, it may lead to depression and even a worsening of physical health.


There are many hypnotic techniques which can reduce or completely remove the pain. Every body can learn how to use self-hypnosis to manage pain. Clients need to be in a very deep hypnotic state to achieve total analgesia required for surgery, and not everybody can achieve this level of hypnosis in self-mode. However, it is quite easy to learn the techniques to manage even very strong chronic pain. Sometimes even one session is enough to learn self-hypnosis for pain control, after the basic self-hypnosis technique is mastered.

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