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Self-hypnosis for Public Speaking

How self-hypnosis can help to conquer the fear of public speaking

The fear of public speaking is usually a phobia, an irrational fear that compels us to avoid public speaking at any cost. Sometimes the fear is so strong that it leads to panic attacks or a career change, or sometimes makes a social life impossible. Different people experience different levels of this fear in different situations. Very often it is difficult to predict when the panic will strike.


Even the most paralysing fear of public speaking is usually easy to solve in self-hypnosis, because it usually starts during the school years or even later. I teach simple and powerful techniques which dissolve these past fears. Usually the technique needs to be performed only once, so students solve the source of fear when they learn, or during the initial hypnotherapy session.


Very often the fear of public speaking has roots in very low confidence and self-esteem. In this case it is important to build strong confidence, and self-hypnosis offers many ways to improve confidence.



How self hypnosis can help with public speaking performance

Self-hypnosis is the best coaching tool for public speaking performance. When in a deep hypnotic state, you can practise your public speaking performance over and over, you can be in the room with the public, you can speak. There are many techniques which will make you realise that the public is in fact friendly. You can "be in the shoes" of most threatening people, like the boss or special guests, and understand how they think. You will learn how to train yourself; you will learn how to desensitise yourself; you can watch yourself speaking; you can hear yourself; you can train for every word. Time moves faster in a hypnotic state – you can practise the one hour speech in under a minute.


Usually not that much effort is needed, because it is enough to be in the situation just once and realise that it is OK. However, most of my clients prefer to learn the techniques and to repeat them, as it makes them feel more in control and absolutely sure that they are ready for their presentation or speech. The techniques that you will learn can be applied in many other situations, not only public speaking.

The specialised Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop for Public Speaking

The advanced self-hypnosis techniques for public speaking can be taught in private sessions, but the most effective way is to attend one of my Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshops dedicated to improving confidence and public performance skills. During the workshop students not only learn the techniques, but they apply them in the group situation, so it combines learning with real life practise.


Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence and Public Speaking is sometimes enough to radically improve public speaking skills. Students sometimes come to the workshop to prepare for their challenging presentation in the next week, and it always works. The effect is immediate and long-lasting. Students also learn confidence-building techniques during the workshop and their self-belief and self-esteem improves significantly.

When will you also need private hypnotherapy sessions

I would recommend private sessions to deal with other issues like depression or strong anxiety if they are present. Anxiety, especially strong social anxiety, causes a lot of distress and needs a few private sessions to let go of the reasons. Also very low self-esteem and self-belief may need private hypnotherapy sessions to deal with past trauma or other difficulties. I will be happy to provide you with all the help and support you need to release the past and to free yourself for the new challenges.

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