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How self-hypnosis can help with all relationship issues

There are many ways self-hypnosis can help to build and maintain happy relationships.

Self-hypnosis allows you to relax, sleep better, deal with physical pain and achieve physical wellbeing. It is easier to enjoy company when we feel good, and it is pleasant to be around relaxed, happy people, so others seek our company too. Even learning the basic self-hypnosis technique, just learning how to relax and reduce stress, will have a positive impact on all relationships with others.


The next step is the ability to use self-hypnosis to build confidence and self-esteem. When you are confident, when you trust your ability, when you accept and love yourself you stop believing that other people are critical or judging; you can see that other people have their own issues, you can even choose not to be affected by other people’s behaviour. There are many self-hypnosis techniques which can assist in growing this kind of self-confidence, and I teach them in private sessions and in the advanced workshops.


You can also learn specific advanced self-hypnosis techniques to raise the awareness and the quality of your relationship with particular people, or to solve relationship issues. Those techniques are very powerful and they can be taught in one hypnotherapy session, when the client is already fluent in basic self-hypnosis. I always include this technique as part of the Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop.


Sometimes relationship issues are too difficult and too disturbing to be solved in self mode. Violence, abuse, sudden death or strong grief, broken heart, rejection by parents and other circumstances that cause overwhelming emotions are too difficult to solve in self-hypnosis. In this situation hypnotherapy will assist you to let the past go and to deal with the present situation. It can be done in just a few sessions. To learn more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you to overcome difficult emotions caused by relationship issues please visit


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