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Self-hypnosis for self-healing 

Self-hypnosis is a perfect tool to assist with physical healing of your body and your mind. The mind and the body are very strongly connected, and real healing needs to always address both aspects of our health – mental and physical.

How you can heal yourself with self-hypnosis
  • You will learn to relax your body and your mind. Sometimes it is just enough to learn to deal with stress and the physical health follows. Self-hypnosis is the best tool to achieve whole body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other self-help method.

  • Self-hypnosis will allow you to reconnect with your body and implement natural eating, providing your body with all the nutrition it needs.

  • You will learn how to use self-hypnosis to deal with pain and other symptoms of your illness. This will elevate your mood; you will feel physically better and therefore much stronger mentally to tackle your illness.

  • You may learn how to perform energy healing in self-hypnosis.

  • You will use self-hypnosis to reconnect with your body and simply ask it to heal. Your body knows how to heal itself, your body naturally reaches the balanced state, and in the hypnotic state you will find your own method to connect with your body and to let it perform the natural miracle of healing.

When will you need private hypnotherapy sessions?

Very often a physical illness is related to difficult emotions like overwhelming fears, anger, hate, guilt or sadness. Past trauma can also be a reason for physical illness. In this situation it is essential to have a few private hypnotherapy sessions to solve the trauma and difficult emotions. Once this is done, self-hypnosis will assist you to recover your physical health.

Important rules to follow when healing yourself with self-hypnosis
  1. See a doctor and have a proper medical assessment and medical help. It will be possible to do miracles with self-hypnosis, but medical symptoms need to be assessed by a doctor because sometimes the condition may need emergency medical treatment like surgery, sometimes it may be a serious condition which needs lifesaving medication. You simply need a medical treatment to buy yourself time before you learn how to heal yourself.

  2. Use self-hypnosis for self-healing in conjunction with the medical help. You can reject the medication and medical treatment if you prefer natural healing, but even in this situation it is better to cooperate with your doctor, discuss your choices with your doctor, and be under medical supervision if you are seriously ill – even if you choose not to follow your doctor’s advice.

  3. Do not believe your doctor in any hopeless prognosis of your condition. Your doctor may tell you that your condition is fatal or chronic, that you will never be able to recover, that you will always need medication or that the condition will worsen with time. Challenge it. You can improve and heal yourself, but this is beyond medical knowledge so your doctor may tell you that it is impossible.

  4. Do not expect your doctor to understand what you are doing. Usually, when my clients heal themselves from serious illness, the medical answer is that the diagnosis was incorrect. Yes, you can perform a miracle, you can recover completely. Very few doctors will understand that, but they will confirm that you are OK.

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