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Self-hypnosis for Sport Achievements

We all know how important the mental side of any sport achievement is, not only in competitive professional sport, but also in everyday sport activities. Self-hypnosis is the most amazing tool that can assist with every aspect of mental strength needed for success in sport.

How self-hypnosis will help you to achieve success in sport
  • Self-hypnosis will assist you in building confidence and self-belief

The confidence, self-belief and trust in your abilities are the most important factors leading to success. Many people turn to sport because they are not confident in their abilities and they think that sport achievements will help them build self-confidence. This is very true, but it is difficult to achieve if you do not believe in yourself.

  • Self-hypnosis will help you to deal with performance anxiety

Professional sport is very competitive; there is only one winner; the expectations are very high; and sometimes the stress and pressure are overwhelming. Hypnosis is the best tool to achieve full body and mind relaxation, and even the simple self-hypnosis technique will allow you to relax and refocus the mind.


  • Self-hypnosis will help you to build strong motivation

You will be clearer about your goals; your confidence will be strong; you will see yourself succeeding; you will be able to visit the future in hypnosis and experience the future enjoyment of your progress.


  • Self-hypnosis will strengthen your endurance

Self-hypnosis can help you to focus on particular aspects of activity, eliminating the unpleasant aspects like physical pain, tiredness, boredom, etc. This ability needs to be practiced with care, as the extreme could be dangerous.


  • Self-hypnosis will help you to maintain physical health

Self-hypnosis will let you use the subconscious mind to connect with the body and to promote the optimal health needed for physical achievement.


  • Self-hypnosis will let you connect with the body and implement natural healthy eating

You will simply crave exactly what your body needs, so you will be able to satisfy your body requirements naturally.


  • Self-hypnosis will help you build physical strength

You can use self-hypnosis for building your muscles and increasing other physical capacity. It significantly increases the results from physical training. Interestingly, it works even when you cannot train, for example, you can learn how to maintain your body strength during recovery from injury.


  • Self-hypnosis can also be used for coaching

Physical performance can be mastered to perfection in the hypnotic state. There are many techniques which can be used for self-coaching in hypnosis, in combination with traditional coaching.


  • Self-hypnosis can also significantly increase performance during physical activity

For this purpose I teach waking self-hypnosis, the state of increased focus and concentration that allows the optimal use of physical resources. The body can act faster, the movements are precise, the muscles that are not involved in movement are relaxed, so there is quick recovery when the dynamic of movement changes. Clients report strong improvement in performance from the first day they start using waking hypnosis.

How can you learn self-hypnosis for sport achievements?

I usually teach self-hypnosis for sport achievements in private sessions. The first session is to teach hypnosis and the instant self-hypnosis technique, and the second session is the application of self-hypnosis to increase motivation and performance. I usually teach the waking hypnosis technique in the second session and the specific application of this technique for the client.


An additional session may be needed to learn self-coaching. Clients may also choose to attend the Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop to learn effective, advanced self-hypnosis techniques. I usually recommend the general advanced workshop or the specialised workshop for confidence and public performance.

How many private sessions will you need to learn self-hypnosis for sport success?

You will need at least two sessions, and I would also recommend the self-hypnosis workshop. Two sessions will be enough to significantly improve sport results for amateurs. Clients involved in professional, competitive sport will benefit from more sessions, and I would recommend about five.


The advanced self-hypnosis workshop will be very beneficial for both groups, because it not only allows clients to master the advanced techniques, it also brings lasting improvement in motivation and makes the use of self-hypnosis a joyful habit.


Clients who suffer from strong anxiety or very low confidence and self-esteem will strongly benefit from a few regular hypnotherapy sessions to solve all difficult issues first. To learn more about hypnotherapy and how you can overcome years of misery in just a few sessions please visit

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