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Self-hypnosis Techniques for Stress and Anxiety

Chronic stress and anxiety can seriously affect health and even kill. It can be a major contributing factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases. It can lower the immune system, making the body susceptible to infections. It can also cause immediate physical symptoms like headache or migraine, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhoea, pain, and tightness in neck and back muscles, amongst many others.


Many my clients use word "stress" to address both stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are usually strongly related, even if clinically there is a distinction. Stress is rather connected with overload, too much work, especially too many frustrating or emotionally charged events and not enough rest. Anxiety is a fearful feeling, worrying and anticipating future difficulties. However, for the clients it is often the same, as worrying and anxiety turns almost every situation into stressful overload and when you are overworked and stressed your resilience weakens and you are more prone to worrying and anxiety.  


Stress and anxiety affects mental health and can lead to depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia, anger outbursts, sexual dysfunction, addictions or eating disorders, just to name a few.


Hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve full body and mind relaxation, which is the opposite to stress. It is just impossible to be stressed or anxious when you are totally relaxed. The level of relaxation that can be achieved during hypnosis is so high that it is not comparable to any other technique. One hypnotherapy session is enough to learn the instant self-hypnosis technique to significantly reduce the stress level in your life.


Hypnotherapy and advanced self-hypnosis techniques offer more than simple hypnosis or relaxation techniques. With the help of advanced self-hypnosis techniques you will:


  • identify the sources of your stress

  • use your internal subconscious resources to find the solutions and coping mechanisms

  • implement your solutions

  • practise and rehearse the solutions in the hypnotic state until they become the automatic response.


You will be able to modify your old behaviours and beliefs; you will be much less affected by external factors and other people; you will build confidence and strong self-esteem, and the resulting feeling of security will make you resistant to the stressful situations.


A peaceful and calm mind assists wellbeing on the body level. The physical tension – like tension headaches, pain in the neck, tense shoulders or back pain – will disappear. Physical health improves just by learning how to relax and, with advanced techniques, when you say goodbye to the past pain or hurt it is like springing back to life.


Anxiety is very often related to the future, but its source is in the past. You will free yourself from past fears and you will learn to live in the present while actively building your future.


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