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Self-hypnosis for Study and Stress Free Exams

Self-hypnosis is the best technique to assist you with your study. Hypnosis is probably the most productive way by which you can help your brain learn information and recall it when you need to. The hypnotic state itself is a state of deep concentration and focus – exactly what is needed for learning.

How self-hypnosis will help you with study and exams

Hypnosis is the best tool to achieve full body and mind relaxation. It is the perfect rest for the brain, and even a few minutes in hypnosis refreshes the mind and increases the capacity to focus and concentrate. When you learn self-hypnosis, you will be able to use your study time in the most efficient way. Even with the basic self-hypnosis skills you will be able to use your instant self-hypnosis technique to enter the hypnotic state for a minute or two to rest and refocus your mind.

Advanced self-hypnosis techniques will allow you to achieve much more:
  • You will learn how to stay calm and focused during your exams.

  • You will become motivated; the study will become interesting and even exciting.

  • You will build confidence and self-belief.

  • You will become aware and proud of your abilities and you will learn how to use them.

  • You will increase focus and concentration so you will understand what you learn.

  • You will increase your capacity to memorise.

  • You will learn new skills and techniques for effective study.

  • You will discover and implement your own strategies for time management, so you will be able to enjoy other activities too.

The Specialised Self-hypnosis Workshops for Study and Exams

The fastest way to improve your studying skills and learn to overcome exam anxiety is to enrol into the  Full Day Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Study & Exams


This is a one-day workshop designed just to teach self-hypnosis for effective study and stress free exams. No private hypnotherapy sessions are required before or after the workshop, and the effect is immediate and long-lasting as students keep improving by practicing self-hypnosis after the workshop.


I also offer the short Express Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Study & Exams


This is the advanced workshop, open to the students who mastered the Instant Self-Hypnosis Technique. The students need to be able to induce instantly the hypnotic trance using just one word. The technique can be learned either in one of our beginner level workshops or during the private hypnotherapy session with me. One private session is enough to learn basic self-hypnosis. After practicing self-hypnosis for about a week you will be ready for a workshop where you will learn and become efficient in advanced self-hypnosis techniques to stay confident, motivated and focused on your study. The advanced course offers more advanced hypnotherapy techniques, because the students are already fluent in using basic self-hypnosis.


Clients sometimes choose to attend another self-hypnosis workshop, especially Full Day Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Confidence & Public Performance


I would especially recommend this workshop to students who feel anxious when speaking in class. The workshop will boost your confidence, you will be able to take part in class discussions and do the required presentations. It is also a very important part of the learning process to be able to ask questions, and many students with low self-esteem are afraid to admit that they need further explanation. When you are confident and you have strong self-esteem, you are focused on learning and not worried what other students will think about your questions.

When will you need private hypnotherapy sessions

You will need some private sessions if your difficulties in learning are caused by more serious issues like depression, social phobia or some psychosomatic illness. Sometimes there is also strong anxiety and low confidence related to past trauma or violence and abuse, which is difficult to solve by self-hypnosis alone. Sometimes the lack of self-belief needed for study is caused by the constant critique from the childhood, which is too difficult to solve in self-hypnosis. Sometimes the fear of failure is overwhelming. It may be caused by some tragic events from your parents’ past which made them incapable of showing you the love needed for the natural development of a secure personality. In such cases, self-hypnosis is not enough; it is better to solve these issues in private hypnotherapy sessions. I will be happy to provide you with all the help and support you need to release the old trauma, if any, and learn how to accept and love yourself, to discover your natural abilities and to trust them. 

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