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Self-hypnosis for Weight Loss


  • Self-hypnosis will help you to release stress and anxiety.

Prolonged stress and anxiety is very often a reason for unwanted weight gain – we tend to turn to food for comfort when we are stressed. And there is also the natural body response, because for the body, stress means possible danger and a lack of food, and the body prepares for this situation by storing fat. Self-hypnosis is the best tool to achieve whole body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other self-help method. To learn more about how hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis will help you with stress and anxiety go to the "Stress & Anxiety" page


  • Self-hypnosis will help you to replace dieting with natural eating – you will enjoy eating exactly what your body needs. When in a hypnotic state, with the power of your subconscious mind you will restore the natural connections with the body – you will be feeling hungry only when your body needs food and you will crave exactly what your body needs. You will strongly notice the joyful satisfaction when your body will be telling you that it has had enough food, so you will know when to stop eating and it will be very easy.  


  • You will learn how to use self-hypnosis to directly ask your body to use its stored body fat for energy. You will learn to connect with your body on this level. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind which is steering the body functions, and as the body naturally stores fat for energy, it is released when it is needed. You will need less energy from the food, so you will be hungry only when your body needs additional energy or when you need nutrients.


  • You will learn other ways to reward yourself than eating when you are not hungry. Very often we tend to overeat after the whole day of work or on the weekend not because we are stressed, but because we are pleased with ourselves and we feel that we deserve a reward after a good work.


  • You will find better ways to deal with boredom, you will start enjoying new activities instead of eating out of from boredom.


  • Self-hypnosis is the perfect tool to increase physical activity. Your body will be producing energy from the body fat it stores, so you will feel this joyful need to move. You will learn to use waking self-hypnosis to enjoy rhythmic exercise like walking, jogging, exercise bike riding, swimming, etc. The exercise will become exciting and you will be thrilled to try new activities


  • Self-hypnosis is the best tool for motivation. When in hypnosis you will be able to enjoy your new slimmer body in advance – you will be visiting the future, you will be rehearsing future situations, and you will grow into the new you. You will realise that you are the creator of your future.


  • You will learn to love yourself and your body. You will use self-hypnosis to look at your body differently; you will learn to see your body as a gift to enjoy, knowing that you are much more than just a body. You will learn to stay connected to your body while being aware of your real self. This will completely dissolve the obsession about eating.

How self-hypnosis will help you to lose weight
The Recommended Self-Hypnosis Workshops

The Advanced Self-hypnosis Workshop for Wellbeing and Relaxation is specifically designed for weight loss clients. The focus in this workshop is on the practical application of the techniques for restoring natural connections between the peaceful mind and the body to create balance and wellbeing, natural, healthy eating habits and physical healing.


Over the years I have developed a unique way of helping with weight loss on the body level, using the advantage of self-hypnosis for accessing the body functions like metabolic rate, physical cravings and the feeling of hunger. I am teaching these techniques in this workshop together with other advanced self-hypnosis techniques.


Clients sometimes choose to attend additional self-hypnosis workshops, especially

Advanced Self-hypnosis for Confidence and Public Performance. I would recommend this workshop, particularly to clients who have very low self-esteem and who feel very awkward in social situations. The workshop will boost your confidence and you will be able to take part in social gatherings and enjoy being yourself. Very often, clients are so obsessed and self-aware of their body image that they feel very anxious in any social situations, also in the gym, and it is very similar to performance anxiety, so the skills taught in this workshop will be very useful. You can become confident before you lose weight, and this will assist you even more in weight loss.

When will you need private hypnotherapy sessions

Sometimes weight gain and food obsession are caused by more difficult events from the past, by past trauma or deep fears and insecurities that are difficult to solve in the self-mode. Weight gain may be a symptom of depression, which may also have roots in the past or in the current overwhelming situation, like divorce or some recent tragedy. In this situation it is better to have a few private hypnotherapy sessions to solve the trauma and overwhelming fears or other emotions. Depression and strong distress requires more than self-hypnosis. I will be happy to provide you with all the help and support you need to release the old trauma, if any, and to solve the depression or anxiety. Once this is done, self-hypnosis will assist you to lose weight.

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