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Short Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Wellbeing & Weight Management

Sydney Advanced Self-Hypnosis Course for Wellbeing & Weight Loss, largel workshop’s logo
Investment only $85 ($70 with early bird discount)
Steps to Enrol:
  1. Choose the workshop date from the Workshops Calendar page

  2. Fill in the Enrolment Form

  3. Wait for confirmation of availability

  4. Make the payment to secure the place

In this workshop you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to hypnotise yourself into success, to balance your body, to reach the optimum weight and become healthy and fit. You will learn how to restore the natural healthy eating on the body level in a few simple steps. You will also learn the basic self hypnosis healing techniques. The workshop is practical, you will implement the changes and you will learn how to stay connected and balanced. 


How is it possible to restore the natural body balance in just one class? What exactly will you do in the class to assist your weight loss?


The deep hypnotic trance allows the focus to reach the subconscious mind and to use it to reconnect with the body. You will restore the natural healthy eating on the body level. There are four aspects of natural eating which can be implemented in hypnosis, the four aspects of restoring the natural connections between the body and mind. 


1. Energy management. 

The body has a natural tendency to store the energy in the form of fat, especially when we are stressed or emotional. The body interprets it as a danger, as a possible famine pending. In hypnosis, when you are connected with your body, you can educate it; you can assure it that there is enough food around. Then you can simply make your body use the body fat for energy. As the result, your metabolic rate increases significantly.


2. Hunger.

Hunger is a physical feeling, a signal from the body. The body knows exactly how much food it needs and it makes us hungry when it needs food.  However, in our culture, we are rather hungry in the head, by seeing the food, we eat because we are bored, we confuse emotions with hunger, or we are never hungry, we forgot how it feels. In hypnosis you can reconnect with the body so you will be hungry only when you need food. And you will need less food, as body will be using fat for the energy.


3. Cravings.

Your body knows what kind of food it needs, and craving is just the way the body communicates with the mind to get the required nutrients. In our civilization this connection usually disappears early in childhood. When you restore this connection in hypnosis, you will notice with surprise that your body makes you crave healthy food naturally, and some other food becomes simply boring. Especially sugar. It is good to trust your body in this matter, because your body is well ahead of any research, so if you really crave something, just enjoy it.


4. Enjoyment and satisfaction.

Your body knows how much food it needs, and it will naturally tell you when to stop. However, your body needs time to notice when it has enough food. In hypnosis, you will implement the habit of eating slowly.  When you eat very slowly, enjoying each bite, your body produces a joyful satisfaction when it has enough food, a very pleasant, light feeling. This is the signal to stop eating, the food becomes boring and you just stop eating anturrally.

This is the advanced workshop, open to the students who mastered the Instant Self-Hypnosis Technique. The students need to be able to induce instantly the hypnotic trance using just one word. The Instant Self-Hypnosis Technique can be learned on the same day in the morning workshop as part of WEIGHT LOSS COMBO SET or in any other beginner level self hypnosis class and also in a private sessions with Joanna.


This short workshop will be a big step towards achieving the optimal body weight naturally. This means freedom from obsession about body and food, freedom from any diets and excesive exercise. You will be free to enjoy your food much more than before, you will be satisfied with small porttions, you will be full of energy and you will feel joy with each physical movement of your body.


Sometimes you may need more work. Health issue or weight problem is usually a mental problem, and even if being relaxed and connected with the body always helps and the mood shifts too, it works better when the emotional issues are resolved. The overeating and obesity are sometimes caused by mental issues like depression, anxiety, insecurity, lack of confidence, some past trauma, worries about the future or overwhelming emotions. In this case you may choose the more advanced, full day self-hypnosis workshop to learn how to deal with your emotions, to build motivation and confidence. This is also where personal hypnotherapy can really help. In a few personal sessions you can resolve these mental issues at the roots, so can free yourself on the deepest level.


Learn more about personal hypnotherapy:

Teaching Methods

A small group workshop (up to 10 participants) with easy to follow instructions, logical and fully explained. Practical application of techniques follows the instructions. The techniques are taught in hypnosis first, so learning is most efficient.


Students are given printed instruction for references and homework exercises for practice.

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