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Full Day Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Wellbeing & Weight Management

Sydney Advanced Self-Hypnosis Course for Wellbeing & Weight Loss, largel workshop’s logo
Investment only $300 ($250 with early bird discount)
Steps to Enrol:
  1. Choose the workshop date from the Workshops Calendar page

  2. Fill in the Enrolment Form

  3. Wait for confirmation of availability

  4. Make the payment to secure the place

Learn advanced self-hypnosis, the most effective and empowering natural self-help method. The experienced clinical hypnotherapist will teach you how to use this alerted state of consciousness to achieve your goals, to connect with your body and to improve your wellbeing, to expand your creativity and to enjoy your life.


This is the advanced workshop, open to the students who mastered the Instant Self-Hypnosis Technique. The students need to be able to induce instantly the hypnotic trance using just one word. They are also required to practice the basic self-hypnosis procedure on their own before the commencement of this workshop. The technique can be learned either in one of our beginner level workshops or during the private hypnotherapy session with Joanna Malinowska.


Hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve the full body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other techniques. Self-hypnosis is the best preparation to cope with unexpected stress in the future. You will be always able to relax and greatly reduce the stress level. The body and the mind are strongly connected. The peaceful, relaxed mind naturally creates balance and wellbeing on the body level. You will be able to use the hypnotic state to give yourself the suggestions to address the specific areas of physical wellbeing, especially for implementing natural, healthy eating habits, for maintaining healthy body weight and for physical healing.


You will also learn the advanced hypnotherapy techniques, not usually taught to the public. You will be able to apply these techniques for building self-confidence, trust in yourself, for motivation and achieving your goals. You will be also taught the specific use of self-hypnosis for meditation and self-growth.


This workshop covers a broad range of hypnotherapy techniques like deepening techniques, hypnotic suggestions, waking self-hypnosis, mini self-hypnosis sessions, basic understanding of awareness-raising techniques. The focus in this workshop is on the practical application of advanced self-hypnosis techniques for restoring natural connections between the peaceful mind and the body to create balance and wellbeing, natural, healthy eating habits and physical health. Students are absolutely amazed by this workshop, at the end of the day they are relaxed, full of energy and feeling great.


Learn more about self hypnosis for weight loss:

Learn more about self hypnosis for self healing:

Learning Outcomes

On the completion of the course, the student should be able to:


  •    Induce instant hypnotic state and deepen it to the required level•    Use self-hypnosis for deep body and mind relaxation

  •     Use instant self-hypnosis techniques to calm down and relax in stressful situations

  •     Use breathing techniques in hypnosis to reconnect with the body on the deepest level, bringing joy, vital healing energy and balance to the very core of physical being

  •     Apply self-hypnosis techniques to implement and maintain the natural healthy eating through the strong, loving connection with the body

  •     Use the hypnotic state during physical exercise to maximize the benefits and performance. This state is sometimes called "waking hypnosis"; it is an alerted, focused state which lets achieve great results in many areas

  •     Use self-hypnosis for meditation, instantly entering the state of deep meditation and applying simple yet powerful techniques for awareness and living in the present

  •     Use the art of applying post hypnotic suggestions to achieve goals and to overcome obstacles

  •    Apply specific hypnotherapy techniques to increase the natural self confidence and self trust and to free yourself from the illusion of being judged by the others

  •    Be open to the creative use of self-hypnosis on a daily basis and in extreme situations

Teaching Methods

One day small group workshop (up to 10 participants) with short lectures, practical application of techniques and classroom discussions. Some techniques are taught in hypnosis first, so learning is most efficient.


Students are given course notes for references and homework exercises for practice.


The course is open to the students who are already taught how to induce instantly the hypnotic trance using just one word and who mastered the basic self hypnosis procedure taught by Joanna Malinowska in a private session or in a small beginner class. If you are new to hypnosis, you can book a private session with Joanna prior to the commencement of the workshop. It is most beneficial to have a private session 3 to 7 days before the group workshop.

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