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Clients Feedback from Self-hypnosis Courses and Workshops

Female, 32, Advanced Weight Managment Workshop


"I enjoyed the workshop on Sunday, got straight of bed and slept well, awaken with lots of energy.

For the whole week now I am not been bothered about what I eat ie not obsessing over what to eat next or how long until the next meal

I've been eating whole foods and noticing the beautiful colours that look like a rainbow on my plate ie purple cabbage, green peas, yellow corn, red tomatoes. I am eating when I'm hungry, but not ravenous.,eating smaller portions and enjoying them more, not been craving any bad foods

II was given a box of chocolates, I ate one in lots of little bites, and enjoyed it, then gave the rest of the box away. Before I would have squirrelled them away to devour in private. I went outside in the pouring rain because my body wanted to be outside and breathe fresh air

Thank you!"


Female, 28 years old


"I didn't know what to expect in the self-hypnosis workshop and honestly thought the idea of self hypnosis was not possible in one session. However, it was possible and found that it was extremely easy to do and still do long after the session. Although its been a couple of days since the class, I see great potential for this technique in achieving my goals and to help me deal with anxiety. The class was small and intimate, and everyone was free to ask questions or voice any concerns. I would recommend this anyone who wants to learn how to immediately deal with stress or if you're just curious. "


Male, 38 years old


"I am feeling great, focused, on the path to healthy weight loss and very relaxed! Thank you so much for all of your help, I am looking forward to continuing self-hypnosis on my own from now."


Female, 29 years old


"I felt enlightened after the workshop. It made me more conscious of my sub-conscious and the power that I hold within myself that either binds me from doing something or allowing me to do something. I am more confident and self assured in interactions with other people. It provided me with techniques to manage or eliminate any lack of confidence and provide me with triggers to put me in the correct state of mind.I found the workshop to be very insightful with the various techniques I could personally use to assist me in focusing and dealing with a particular task or event. I feel more confident facing what I once considered to be a fear of presenting in public, and now realize that preparation and a good state of mind is the key using the techniques I have learnt. "


Female, 56 years old


"Thank you very much Joanna for yesterday’s self-hypnosis workshop.  I feel that the world belongs to me again. Hope that it will last and I will stay like this. "


Female, 45 years old

"Thank you for your amazing workshop and your welcoming energy and warmth in looking after us all.
The workshop more than met my expectations - so much change in one day on such a deep and fundamental level.  I felt stretched and expanded beyond my ability, with the result of feeling a stronger internal foundation from which to adapt to any stressful or confronting situation.  The simple, practical, tools you gave were so varied and easy to use, they seem to have become a part of me.  I find myself using them often during the day as they are immediately effective to create confidence and ease in any fearful, stressful situation."


Male, 31  years old


"I found the course very useful as a supplement to the private sessions.
It expanded on what I could practice in self hypnosis by myself.
It was also good to meet with the other participants & get perspectives from them on what they find effective."


Female, 30 years old


" Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your confidence self hypnosis workshop. The day was filled with great self help techniques which made the difference in my confidence immediately. By the end of the day i had the confidence to offer to demonstrate a technique in front of the class which i would never had done before doing the work on this day. There was plenty of information on techniques to use on a daily basis. I have since used some of these techniques and have noticed a huge improvement in my confidence. I now enjoy attending gatherings and being with other people and have even instigated my own get togethers where i have never had the confidence to do so in the past. Thank you Joanna, for making such a big difference in such an important aspect of life"


Male, 31 years old


"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me build my confidence. I feel very confident and relaxed now when talking to people and have never enjoyed my life like this before. In the self-hypnosis workshop I have learned so many techniques that were even beyond my expectations. The course was lead in a well prepared and step-by-step manner and the course notes were very helpful in understanding all the various techniques. I am now using self-hypnosis as a regular relaxation exercise on daily basis and its doing wonders for me. I feel like I can now achieve anything I want and I feel very confident interacting with my peers and boss in office. Public performance is not a problem for me anymore.
Thank you once again for helping me in becoming a much better and confident person."


Male, 38 years old


"When I decided to do the self-hypnosis workshop, not only did I think it would help me with my goals but I am very interested in hypnosis itself. In a small group of 4 we spent the day learning several techniques that each of us could use in our daily lives. These techniques tackled dealing with physical and emotional pain, they tackled dealing with goal setting and achievements and they also dealt with simple techniques to relax amongst other things. I really enjoyed this 1 day workshop. It was brilliant and gave me a better understanding of hypnosis as a process and a tool we could all use."

Male, 58 years old

"Joanna's self-hypnosis workshop was not only effective in teaching me self-hypnosis techniques - it was also a relaxing, calming experience overall. I learnt very simple techniques that I use almost every day to keep myself present and grounded at work, which helps me manage stress and pressure much more effectively... Highly recommend"


Female, 51, years old


"I wanted to say to you how much I enjoyed the day. At first I thought it would be too much & too long but was amazed at how informative & how quickly the day went. I especially enjoyed the practical sessions. I am slowly trying to structure hypnosis into my life everyday & although some days especially while on holidays when you feel good I have been a bit slack but today I am back to work & my plan is to make it as important as breakfast."


Female, 54, years old


"I wanted to thank you for the self hypnosis workshop and to give you my feedback. I thought the workshop was very beneficial to me. I have been working more on my self hypnosis and using the techniques every day. I am finding it easier to put myself into hypnosis and I am feeling the effects of it everyday. So many techniques that I would not have known had I not done the workshop. I am using the laughter triggers for my anxiety and they seem to be helping me. I understand how important it is to practice everyday, so I am making that a part of my daily routine."


Male, 30 years old


"The workshop met my expectations and provided in depth detail on how to do self-hypnosis. I found the course both interesting and therapeutic. The notes for the course I have found to be helpful. Immediately after the course had finished I felt calm and relaxed. I continue to do self hypnosis and find it to be very beneficial. The workshop helped me to develop and grow by teaching me ways to overcome my fears and achieve academically, through putting self hypnosis into practice."


Male, 49 years old


"After I completed my therapy sessions with you I was no longer experiencing anywhere near the same degree of anxiety and depression, but I was left thinking where do I go from here ?  Specifically, what do I need to do from now to ensure I don’t go through the same experience again, how can I get even better and how can I use hypnosis to improve my life in general ?  This is why I undertook the course. I needed to understand the different techniques available and to develop my own routine.
I believe the course has achieved this for me. Running it with a small group of people who have also been through therapy and are at the same level is excellent."

Female, 46 years old


"I did enjoy the course and learnt some great new methods to use during self-hypnosis. The small group worked best – any more people would have been too intimidating."


Male, 21 years old


"I learnt what I wanted to know about self hypnosis and have gained a lot of good knowledge that I can adapt into my own life. This has been a great experience and something that I have enjoyed thoroughly."


Female, 41 years old


"I really enjoyed your class and everything you taught me, during our private sessions or at the advance classes. I am using self hypnosis on a regular basis and it has been very helpful, and change my life in many different ways."


Female, 62 years old


"I found the self-hypnosis workshop very satisfying and it gave me special tools to help myself. I have now been able to face my every day stress levels plus my lifelong weight problem. Using self-hypnosis I have taken my negative thought patterns, (which played in a non-stop fashion in my brain), and I have replaced them with new positive thought patterns which enable me to cope with my stress levels daily. I am finding that my weight is now on a slow and steady downhill trend and I can now look forward to a healthier balanced body. With self hypnosis I have also been able to alleviate pain from my body, which seems like a miracle to me. I am grateful to the teachings of Joanna, who turns out to be an effective and gentle teacher.”

From unsigned feedback forms


"I've gained a very good practice of self-hypnosis. Good to do it many times in the group. Good to use it simply. Good to be rational-logical"


"It was very well explained. Had a perfect combination of theory & practical. Techniques range was great, especially since you encouraged us to apply each technique to a different situation."


"There were a lot of techniques that will be useful for the future. Some of them reinforced what I had learnt in private sessions and it works even better."


"I definitely feel better at the end of the day, I am more confident. I have learnt things today about myself and my issues that I did not know before. I really like the way you care for your clients and how approachable you are. It's easy to relax and to open with you. I will definitely continue to work on what I've started."


"I've found the development of conceptual ideas the most valuable. (the difference between feelings and emotions and the chair technique). I do not visualize well, but I could feel how the pictures should be, like dreams - which was something I hadn't tried (I was trying to force visualizing). Thank you"


"Thank you for having me in your group. You actually have a very soothing voice. The accent means it is uniquely you and therefore safe and familiar. I could have stayed the whole time in deep hypnosis, very relaxed, and you could have just implanted all the good suggestions into my subconscious mind. I slept very soundly last night and feel particularly rested today. I also intend to continue to use the self hypnosis daily as it is quick, simple and effective."

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