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What can I teach you?

method - how to enter hypnotic state in a second

self hypnosis techniques for:

Waking Self Hynosis

How to use self-hypnosis while fully alert for sport, study etc.

Mini Self Hypnosis Sessions

when you enter self-hypnosis for a minute to instantly achieve the goal

Advanced Self Hypnosis by an Experienced Professional Hypnotherapist


Safe Personal Online Video Self Hypnosis Lessons During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Most of us become very stressed and anxious in the face of unpredictable events like the current coronavirus outbreak. Yet worrying and stress does not help. Anxiety and stress  affect our immune system and the ability to cope. So what to do?  Have a few drinks or some strong sleeping tablets and ignore the risk?  Try mindfulness meditation? That may be quite difficult if you are extremely worried and anxious... It can make you feel agitated and restless if you try it for the first time in this state.

Learn to use your own mind. Real active self hypnosis is the most empowering and effective self help method.

Self hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve full body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other self-help techniques. This state can be used for meditation, healing, balancing the body. You can also access the limitless resources of your mind to reach your goals.

The real, active self hypnosis is when you enter the hypnotic state by yourself and you use that alerted state of consciousness to achieve your goals. It is completely different from listening to “self hypnosis” audios; this is you using your own natural power.

You can not only  experience the bliss of hypnosis but also learn in one personal session how to induce this hypnotic state all by yourself and enjoy it any time you need it .

Read more about rapid  self-Hypnosis method.

Self hypnosis is one of the best coaching tools.

You can learn how to train and rehearse in the hypnotic state, rapidly improving your performance and mastering your skills to perfection. The results are beyond expectations.

Self hypnosis for coaching, self hypnosis for sport achievements, golf

Private Sel HypnosisTutoring

The best way to learn self hypnosis is from within the hypnotic state. Students are taught, during deep hypnosis in a single private session, how to induce the hypnotic trance using just one word. Private sessions often combine hypnotherapy and teaching self hypnosis. I offer an obligation free 30 minutes consultation where you can discuss your self-hypnosis goals or ask questions about hypnotherapy.

Combining self hypnosis and private hypnotherapy sessions

My popular group workshops are currently postponed until the coronavirus COVID-19 is fully contained


This short  workshop is like a Big Bang introduction to the new world of TOTAL RELAXATION. You will experience the bliss of self hypnosis and you will learn how to enter a hypnotic trance all by yourself by saying one word
Investment only $85
($70 with early bird discount)


Self-hypnosis to increase focus and motivation for study Learn to use hypnosis to memorize and understand better and to stay calm and confident during exams
Investment only $85
($70 with early bird discount)


Two cost effective short classes combined

A real eye opener for every dieter who always thought that healthy eating or body balance has to be achieved by self-control and hard work. Students  leave relaxed, balanced, full of energy and they can use self hypnosis to maintain this balance for achieving optimal body weight
Investment only $170
($140 with early bird discount)



The whole range of specialized   workshops and evening classes.  All classes are small (up to 10 students), cost effective and practical. Students learn the advanced techniques and then apply them during the workshop with immediate results.

Advanced self hypnosis techniques, specialized self hypnosis courses

Often it is better to combine hypnotherapy and self hypnosis together. I assist clients in solving difficult, disturbing issues like trauma, grief, depression, strong phobias, anxiety and panic attacks, eating disorders etc. in private hypnotherapy sessions. For example, self-hypnosis is a perfect tool to master public speaking, but if you have a public speaking phobia or you experience panic attacks when trying to speak in public, you will need a few sessions to solve your phobia first.

To learn more about hypnotherapy services please visit

The prices start from $70 for the powerful short self-hypnosis class. You can also purchase a private hypnotherapy session or a package (weight loss, quit smoking, study etc)

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