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Feedback from Self-hypnosis Tutoring During Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

Male, 37, addiction


"I am extremely delighted to say that the hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me and has regenerated my energy centres in its integrity.  I so thankful that you chose to treat me for my addiction and guided me into a new paradigm.  I feel I am steering more towards spirituality and am refraining from any bad habits that used to drain me of my energies in the past.  I have been carrying out the self hypnosis drills everyday and feel that I have more power and wisdom.   Thank you once again."


Female, 48, after first hypnosis session included before the advanced self-hypnosis course


"I want to say you Thanks very much for  self- hypnosis session. It was really new for me. I feel in harmony with my mind and my heart.
  I think, there are things that any money will be not enough for to pay, as you made it today for me.  I can appreciate it and I will keep it all my life saying thanks Joanna."


Female, 58, emotional eating


"Issues of self-judgment and the echoing words of my past brought me such emotional pain that despite what I thought I knew on a cognitive level to 'help myself' I could not get relief or peace and this affected my eating habits and my relationships with the people I love, especially the relationship with myself!!
Joanna’s manner and instant ability to see where my pain was, and lead me gently through the path to confident and instant self-hypnosis was done within a period of less than a month – and with such good listening to my needs.
I now have the skills, knowledge and beliefs to go forward and be in the present – rather than re-hashing the past or anticipating the future. To paraphrase Joanna’s words – 'NOW is WOW'.
The relationship I have with me has improved, I am a more mindful and present eater, and my relationships with family have developed using strategies of appreciation and forgiveness. The challenge is to practice my newly accepted skills in self hypnosis as they bring me such good feelings that no drug, nor food, nor other external sources could possibly provide. The skills are in me, always were and always will be."


Male, 30


"I am also happy to recommend Joanna as the skills she taught were not solely to be employed in her presence, but were ideas and techniques I can use and develop on my own. Also, anything I learnt in the sessions I can use for the rest of my life without having to go back for further 'top-up' sessions."


Female, 53, sleeping disorder


"...I use the techniques for self hypnosis every day and find them useful in any stressful situation."


Female, 31, strong social anxiety based on the phobia of eating in restaurant


"I have gradually been better after your sessions and I have not felt so awkward even if I am invited to dinner out etc.I remind myself even if I have anxiety again, that’s normal and I will be able to handle…just so I can keep my spirits high when things are not going so well. I try to use your self-hypnosis method whenever I can."

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