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Full Day Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Study & Exams

Learn from the studying guru, professional hypnotherapist and former math teacher

Investment only $300 ($250 with early bird discount)
Steps to Enrol:
  1. Choose the workshop date from the Workshops Calendar page

  2. Fill in the Enrolment Form

  3. Wait for confirmation of availability

  4. Make the payment to secure the place

Learn self-hypnosis, the most effective and empowering natural self-help method. The experienced clinical hypnotherapist will teach you how to instantly enter the hypnotic state and how to use this alerted state of consciousness to achieve your study goals. This class is like magic, relaxing, fun and mind blowing.


The hypnotic state itself is a state of deep concentration and focus, exactly what is needed for learning. You will learn special techniques for effective study, how to motivate yourself to reach your goals and how to stay calm and focused during the exams. Hypnosis is a perfect tool to achieve the full body and mind relaxation, not comparable with any other techniques. You will be always able to relax and greatly reduce the stress level and with the quiet, rested mind you will be naturally absorbing much more knowledge than ever.


This workshop is open to the public with no previous experience in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Students learn the instant self-hypnosis technique and the practical application of self-hypnosis for study and exams, dealing with stress and anxiety and building confidence and motivation. Students are taught the waking hypnosis for focus during study and other effective study skills.


Class size is kept very small, with the maximum of eight students. The workshop is mostly practical; the effective techniques are explained and then applied by students in hypnosis. You will learn and empower yourself for the future, and you will be already applying the new skills and methods in the workshop, so by the end of the day you will be much more relaxed about your study and very motivated, feeling the new brightness of your mind and equipped with new skills, ready to jump into your studies.

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Learning Outcomes

On the completion of the course, the student should be able to:


  •  Induce instant hypnotic state and deepen it to the required level in every situation.

  •  Use self-hypnosis for deep relaxation and dealing with stress

  •  Use the art of applying powerful post hypnotic suggestions to achieve goals

  •  Use the hypnotic state to perform specific mental tasks, like studying or focusing during the exam. This state is sometimes called "waking hypnosis"; it is an alerted, focused state which lets achieve great results in many areas

  •   Have working knowledge of efficient reading and memorizing skills, combining enjoyment, speed and comprehension•     Have basic understanding of various hypnotherapy techniques

  •   Apply specific hypnotherapy techniques to increase self-confidence and motivation needed for study

  •   Be open to the creative use of self-hypnosis on a daily basis and in extreme situations


Teaching Methods

One day small group workshop (up to 10 participants) with short lectures, practical application of techniques and classroom discussions.  Some techniques are taught in hypnosis first, so learning is most efficient. Students are given homework exercises for practice.

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