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Express Weight Loss Self-hypnosis Workshops Combo Set. 

Can you imagine that in just one day you can fully relax, experience the bliss of self-hypnosis, balance your body, learn how to do it yourself and how to maintain this balance for natural weight management and wellbeing?  You can achieve that by enjoying two powerful self hypnosis classes:

Sydney Express Beginners Self-Hypnosis Course – large workshop’s logo

Express Self Hypnosis for Beginners

Experience the bliss of hypnosis, open your mind to its own power and learn how to instantly enter the hypnotic state by saying just one word.

Short Advanced Self-Hypnosis Workshop for Wellbeing & Weight Management

Learn advanced self-hypnosis techniques to restore natural connections between the peaceful mind and the body to create balance and wellbeing, natural, healthy eating habits and physical health

 Students are absolutely amazed by both workshops, at the end of the classes they are relaxed, full of energy and feeling great. And the body weight is balancing itself.


Investment only $170 ($140 with early bird discount)
Steps to Enrol:
  1. Choose the workshops date from the Workshops Calendar page

  2. Fill in TWO Enrolment Forms, one for each workshop. The Beginners workshop must be taken before the Advanced one.

  3. Wait for confirmation of availability

  4. Make the payment to secure the Place


Both workshops can be also enjoyed separately, but the enrolment to the Advanced workshop is open only for the students who mastered the Instant Self-hypnosis Technique taught by Joanna Malinowska.

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